Does Anyone Out There Love Their Vet?

In my own particular clinic this week, I was told by a woman that my costs are absurd and swelled. She declined to pay her bill, despite the fact that she had marked a treatment approval. She had been driving with her pets 20 miles into the following region for pet care. So when she concluded that it was awkward, she came to me. My practice is on a primary street for my town. She doesn’t comprehend that a nation vet in the following region won’t not have an indistinguishable overhead from my rural practice.
I have best in class innovation and a profoundly prepared staff. My advantageous area is not free by any extend. I have been by and by for a long time . My working, here inside city limits, must be very much kept up and have proper signage. She doesn’t comprehend a great deal of things about me or about my business and she doesn’t see that her refusal to pay for medicines that she had approved drives the costs up for other people.
My ask for is this: If there is anybody out there who adores their vet, please let me know. Recount to me stories of why. Spare my confidence in individuals and remind my associates that all is not squandered. Remind us why we cherish the resemble puppy breath or roar with laughter when a cat jumps on our feet.

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