How Do I Pick A Good Dog Food?

You know what they say expecting does, isn’t that so? Unfortunately, I think sometimes, it is valid. One may believe that it was protected to accept that the marks on puppy nourishment are illustrative of what they contain. One may likewise feel that the fixings are recorded in diving request from most vital down.

I used to imagine that I could settle on choices about my mutts’ nourishment in view of the sustenance names since I felt open to realizing that marking is government managed. I was dependably a watchful name peruser for my family, both human and creature, leaning toward entire sustenances and negligibly prepared fixings. I was an insightful shopper or so I thought.

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I figure I didn’t represent the way that a few producers can control the laws further bolstering their own good fortune. They may not be deceptive, but rather numerous can delude. The following are recorded a portion of the elements of a puppy sustenance name that may not mean precisely what you think.

Fixing Order-The fixings should by law be recorded all together by their weight, beginning with the one with the most noteworthy weight recorded first. Yet, what does it mean by weight? Dry weight? Consider the possibility that the fundamental fixing is chicken weighed crisp contrasted and other similarly critical fixings measured dry. The chicken would measure more due to the dampness content however really contain less supplements. So a thing that actually contains more dampness will seem higher on the rundown than a nutritiously thick nourishment thing that is dry. For reasons unknown, a portion of the things are measured wet and some are dry and it may not be on the name which will be which. The fixing rundown is essential, yet it won’t not have as much data as we thought.

Ingredients– As creature significant others, we have been mentally programmed to imagine that the eating routine must contain the things that we would lean toward for our own eating regimen, yet canines are not little people. Pooches don’t care for precisely the same that we do and singular canines have inclinations. One of my puppies unquestionably dislikes certain sustenances that the other will eat with relish and the other way around. We can’t expect that in light of the fact that the fixings sound great to us that our mutts will be cheerful and good dieting them.

Name Claims and Buzz Words- If you look the web for pet sustenance alternatives or examine the pooch nourishment walkways, you will most likely observe claims like “hypoallergenic” and “super-premium”. These label words are not legitimately characterized. Anybody can assert their eating routine is “exceptionally absorbable with top notch fixings”. There aren’t numerous approaches to demonstrate or debate these cases and it would be a strain on the financial plan and time. You simply need to accept that they have done some testing or have truths to bolster their mark claims. Be that as it may, nobody is considering them responsible for these terms. There are terms that are legitimately characterized and observed by government organizations, however not each mark claim can be. Organizations can even legitimately utilize terms on their site that are not permitted on the genuine printed mark, so know.

Formulation– Who detailed the eating regimen? A legitimate pet nourishment organization ought to have a veterinary nutritionist on staff and this individual ought to be accessible for conference about the eating regimen. In the event that an eating routine was defined by a layman utilizing just the lawful rules, the eating regimen may not be the best decision for your pooch’s longest and best life.

Bundling Selling pet sustenance is a business, similar to whatever other. There are showcasing groups to plan mark design and publicizing effort to ensure individuals feel that their image is the best. The brand you see on TV may be the best for your canine, yet don’t simply expect it is. Make inquiries. Call the organization. Discover where they source their fixings. Try not to be attracted by a pretty picture and favor language.

I don’t look for pet sustenance by perusing marks any longer and I don’t prescribe it to my customers. I read investigate papers. I pick marks that have real live individuals willing to converse with me about their items. I discover veterinarians who have more information on the subject than I do and I converse with them and go to their classes. At that point I attempt to pass my training on.

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Despite everything you get what you pay for however set aside the opportunity to ask an expert with the goal that you know what you are getting and what you are paying for. Really astounding eating regimens will never be shabby, yet a high sticker price alone does not safeguard quality.

Innovative work and research facility testing all cost cash. National promotion crusades do as well. I am very more averse to recommend or buy a pet nourishment that I saw on national TV since I would incline toward that they spend their cash on Research and Development. Try not to be amazed by favor sites and persuading ads alone.
Because you have been told by on-screen characters that something is great, bear in mind to ask your veterinarian.

He or she knows and thinks about you and your pets by and by and will have the capacity to help you deal with the storm of falsehood out there and albeit all pooches have certain prerequisites, every one is a person with his/her own particular likes and needs.



Can My Dog Give Me Worms?

Indeed, even the considered worms inside your pooch is entirely sickening, yet with TV indicates like Monsters Inside Me making alert, I get questions like “Can my canine give me worms?” a great deal. On the off chance that I go into the exam stay with another puppy and declare the consequences of my fecal exam to a mother and children, for instance, the mother’s eyes frequently enlarge as she looks at her kids nestling the puppy.
When I was pretty much nothing, my mom disliked us to give the pooch a chance to lick our appearances and this dread was most likely piece of why. So when your pooch licks your face, would it be a good idea for you to be anxious?

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Above all else, there are parasites that are found in mutts that can taint people however it is valid. Worms have developed to live inside their hosts. They need to live and to flourish with the goal that they can create posterity that can be passed on to the following practical host. The best parasites don’t slaughter their hosts, at any rate not before the host can help them in spreading their species.
I feel that individuals think they can get intestinal worms from pets and that these worms will comparably taint their GI tracts, making gentle no side effects and after that be effortlessly expelled with no changeless issues. The basic zoonotic parasites taint individuals in routes not the same as pets and it is not straightforward or innocuous.
Zoonotic ailments are an essential issue in the general wellbeing.

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Roundworms are a zoonotic hazard. Roundworms turn into a risk when the larvated eggs are ingested from a polluted situation, not commonly from a contaminated canine licking faces. Little youngsters who put natural things or soil in their mouths are most at hazard. Since individuals are not a perfect host for the hatchlings, they have a tendency to move away and not settle in the gastrointestinal tract like they would for mutts. These relocations can be in various organs and since the worm is not adjusted for life outside the GI tract, the movements are to a great degree damaging. They have been known to bring about lasting visual deficiency when they move in visual tissue and numerous other organ frameworks might be harmed relying upon where the hatchlings travel. Ensure your pooch is on a general deworming program that spreads roundworms to secure you both.
I see part of puppies tainted with hookworms. These worms are a zoonotic risk and cause an extremely irritated skin movement called cutaneous larval migrans. At my first occupation out of school, I will always remember one of the senior clinicians recounting a story. By one means or another he had been enrolled to help with an amaze puppy conveyance in a seamy piece of town. He said that he recalls that he was wearing truly pleasant shoes and the part where the mother canine was battling was somewhere down in mud. He needed to help the pooch, however not demolish his shoes so he peeled off his pleasant shoes and socks and swam into the mud barefooted. I review his timid smile as he told about the cutaneous larval migrans that he created on his feet from the hookworms in that mud. Hookworms can likewise bring about organ movements that can be extremely unsafe.
The lesson of that story is not that veterinarians ought to never wear decent shoes. It is that all mutts ought to be deliberately and routinely dewormed. Every single creature significant other must recollect that wet soil can harbor parasites and the dirt where your canine lives is to a greater degree a danger than the genuine pooch. Wear shoes in the dirt and gloves when you plant and dishearten little youngsters from putting soil or questions in their mouths.
Could your pooch give you worms? Actually, yes. In any case, stray pooches and felines that are not routinely dewormed and crap in soil of your surroundings are a much more serious hazard. Remember, deworming is a progressing support. Deoworming one time won’t cover your pooch until the end of time. Worms are universal. Much like you ought not imagine that changing the oil in your auto is a one-time just process, your canine must be frequently dewormed as per your vets suggestions.


Why Does My Dog Lick Me?

Our mutts speak with us and each other utilizing non-verbal correspondence. As the pioneer of our mutts’ pack, we should attempt to comprehend their signals. Correspondence with pooches resemble attempting to comprehend an outsider species with whom we share our reality and the duty tumbles to the people to attempt to make “first contact”. Better energy about what your pooch is attempting to let you know enhances your relationship and your bond as closest companions.
Regardless of the possibility that lip licking conduct is not your most loved method for correspondence, it can know why your pooch may lick you so you can react suitably.
Most puppy individuals concur that there can be a few motivations to clarify this conduct.

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Social Bonding-In the non-verbal set of all animals, common preparing is an indication of friendship that reinforces family and pack bonds. It is shared between guardians, posterity and other relatives. The demonstration of licking and being licked fortifies an arrival of positive hormones for canines. Concentrates on have demonstrated that for some species, social preparing fortifies oxytocin. So your canine may say, “I cherish and require you.”
Tolerating and reaffirming your position as the alpha dog– If you watch footage of wild canines, you will see that the lower positioned individuals will often welcome those of higher rank with a meek stance and face licking. Your puppy may let you know, “I am happy you are here and I need you to feel secure in the way that I am not testing your strength.”
Inspires Teamwork-A study in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology investigated the theory that personal conduct (preparing, licking, trimming, and so forth.) rouses members to organize activities coordinated towards a mutual objective that upgrades every individual’s wellness. So your canine might urge you to go along with them in a movement that meets both of your physiological needs. This could play, discovering sustenance or some other fundamental need you may have the capacity to cooperate to meet. He could say, “How about we go play or chase or construct a lair. We are a group.”
Hunger-Some individuals have hypothesized that a pooch licking the substance of its human is a pointer that the puppy is eager and he is falling back on the adolescent response to the nearness of a mother canine who might then spew nourishment for the pups in light of the touch. She might request you go about as her supplier and defender. “I am ravenous and I know you can address my issues.”
Whatever you believe is your canine’s purpose behind licking your face, contemplates have unquestionably affirmed that it’s great sign-a positive reaction of a puppy to the acquaintance of a well known human with its surroundings. Another study distributed in Physiology and Behavior in January 2014 clarifies that, to the pooch, “his people” are the most critical element of his surroundings that impacts his prosperity. The researchers measured hormones connected with holding and push in the study canines as they reacted to the landing of a man commonplace to the puppies. Oxytocin (recognized by numerous as the hormone of affection and holding) expanded when the pooches saw “their individual” and cortisol (a push related hormone) diminished. At the point when the individual started and acknowledged physical contact with the canines, the reaction was more stamped.


Does My Dog Really Love Me?

As of late my article Why Does My Dog Lick Me created some incredible discussion that I think bears some extra investigation. One reason that I talk about for licking is social holding, i.e. familial or kinship cherish. Part of the buzz was a verbal confrontation whether the affection is so clear and evident that it’s a given, yet as a researcher, I like confirmation and realities.

Analysts could demonstrate that the hormones connected with the constructive emotions (for this situation, oxytocin) that we recognize as affection were expanded when mutts saw their kin and one of the hormones connected with push (cortisol) diminished in the meantime. The straightforward sight of the natural individual positively affected oxytocin levels and if the individual started contact, the expanded level was managed. (Physiology and Behavior 2013 Oct 24) These hormone reactions are the main quantitative approach to quantify a reaction that all pooch significant others feel intellectually. We know our canines adore us and there is logical verification.

Luckily for us, the affection is a two way road. Similar hormones are available for people. Thinks about recommend that mind chemicals assume a part in the positive love affections for people and that adoration is basic to the ordinary advancement and proceeded with prosperity of people as an animal varieties. (From affiliative practices to sentimental emotions: a part of nanopeptides. Debiec J. FEBS Lett. 2007 Jun 12)

People encounter comparable constructive hormone responses to their pooches and these are additionally demonstrated. A study was set up to test the nearness of the hormone, oxytocin, in people in the wake of seeing their puppy’s look. (Hormones and Behavior, 2009 Mar;55(3):434-41.Dog’s look at its proprietor builds proprietor’s urinary oxytocin amid social cooperation).

We as a whole realize that adoration is an awesome feeling, yet have you ever considered that you can’t live without affection? “Without cherishing connections, people neglect to prosper, regardless of the possibility that the greater part of their other essential needs are met.” (Science and Society The organic chemistry of adoration: an oxytocin speculation, Nov 27, 2012) We realize that we adore our puppies and science bolsters this reality.

In the event that cerebrum chemicals permit us and our mutts to experience sentiments of adoration and these emotions are basic to our survival, one could say that we genuinely NEED each other. We as an animal varieties have a physiological requirement for adoration and I trust that we have logical support for how critical our pets are to us and us to them. We are a social and gregarious parcel as people and pets fit right in. They give us warmth and fellowship. Their nearness in our lives causes arrival of these hormones that we clearly can’t live without.

To canine beaus, this may abandon saying, yet in the event that anybody laughs at your fondness for your puppy, you can grin inside realizing that you know you and your pooch genuinely have an extraordinary relationship that even science gets it.


Does Anyone Out There Love Their Vet?

In my own particular clinic this week, I was told by a woman that my costs are absurd and swelled. She declined to pay her bill, despite the fact that she had marked a treatment approval. She had been driving with her pets 20 miles into the following region for pet care. So when she concluded that it was awkward, she came to me. My practice is on a primary street for my town. She doesn’t comprehend that a nation vet in the following region won’t not have an indistinguishable overhead from my rural practice.
I have best in class innovation and a profoundly prepared staff. My advantageous area is not free by any extend. I have been by and by for a long time . My working, here inside city limits, must be very much kept up and have proper signage. She doesn’t comprehend a great deal of things about me or about my business and she doesn’t see that her refusal to pay for medicines that she had approved drives the costs up for other people.
My ask for is this: If there is anybody out there who adores their vet, please let me know. Recount to me stories of why. Spare my confidence in individuals and remind my associates that all is not squandered. Remind us why we cherish the resemble puppy breath or roar with laughter when a cat jumps on our feet.


How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

It is socially expected that most individuals shower or bathe each day. We can even bathe all the more regularly as conditions present themselves. We as a whole realize that gross feeling we get when we know we require a shower and we may get sort of jumpy that we notice terrible.

Your pooch has no such concern. She couldn’t care less how awful she smells and most likely even comes in terrible scents only for entertainment only. WE mind how our mutts smell and we likewise realize that cleanliness is essential to general well being. A few people require really visit cleaning in light of conditions like slick skin or skin inflammation and individual canines’ needs can fluctuate as well.

Practically every pooch needs a shower in some cases, regardless of the possibility that he invests a large portion of his energy outside. Not just is spotless hair and skin vital for well being, shower time is a chance to see a greater amount of your canine in light of the fact that with his hair wet, his skin in more noticeable for your examination. Amid a shower, you may see knocks or scabs, tumors, or missing hair. These sorts of things need to said to your vet within the near future.

Numerous puppies are acceptably spotless and their hair is not excessively weak with week after week showers, but rather considers that can influence how frequently your pooch should be washed can include:

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Slickness of hair and skin

Slick skin (called seborrhea) is a medicinal condition and the treatment may incorporate sedated showers. Your vet will let you know the recurrence and even give you certain shampoos that are more successful. The measure of time the cleanser is in contact with your pooch’s skin is likewise essential, so if your puppy feels oily, inquire as to whether he could have seborrhea. On the off chance that your canine has a dry, flaky hair coat, maybe washing recurrence ought to be less.

Topical Products

In the event that you utilize topical insect and tick medicines, the recurrence of washing may influence the viability of the item. Make sure to peruse the name completely and in the event that you are not certain, call the client benefit hotline number which ought to be accessible on the bundling.

Resilience and Training

Canines must be educated about washing. It is a learning issue like some other. A few pooches love showers in a flash, however all canines must get to be usual to being wet and shampooed. Be quiet when instructing a puppy to acknowledge showers and don’t compel her in the event that she is anxious. You can begin nourishing her in the shower tub to make it feel like a decent place and ensure the water begins moderate trickling and is a worthy temperature to your hand before wetting your pup.

Showers give an awesome opportunity to check your puppy, improve him smell furthermore can be a decent suggestion to clean ears and eyes and check teeth. On the off chance that your pooch has been prepared to believe that showers are a normal piece of his life, he won’t avoid this profitable piece of his care. Week after week showering is a decent starter rule, however get some information about the suggestions for your specific pooch.



Does My Dog Know He’s Been Bad?

Have you ever come in the way to a scrap heap and your canine sees you see it and gets the guiltiest look all over? On the other hand you open your way to a snowstorm of cushion stuffing and your puppy in a flash sneaks away? Customers let me know practically consistently that their puppy “knew he wronged”. I know that it is so natural to adapt your pets’ appearances and feelings. I snicker simply as you do at the photos of pets doing senseless things with subtitles like “you are home early” or “express gratitude toward God you are here, the cushion exploded”. In any case, is it reasonable for your pet to accept she can associate her activities to your response?

Blame is a human feeling that requires a perplexing comprehension of activities and results. Human youngsters can’t get a handle on these ideas as a rule. The progression of time has an alternate intending to your puppy too. The effortlessness and immaculateness of creatures is the thing that makes them such a delight and their exceptional skill for living at the time is the best lesson I think we as people can get from our creature companions. Gratefully your pet will never plan his activities, nor will he see later outcomes.

It is imperative to consider how creatures are totally subject to their capacity to be tuned into signals from their surroundings. Being cognizant to unobtrusive points of interest can be a critical ability for a creature and you are the pack pioneer. So when you come in the entryway and your pooch sees you tense as you notice his mischance, he is quickly on caution. He can’t associate the crap mishap with his activities or your response, however he is elevated to your non-verbal communication of disappointment. He is worried by your response. His body is flagging him that he ought to be set up for “battle or flight” since you are focused and it is composed all over you like a glimmering bulletin. As his pack pioneer he relies on upon you to guide him and protect him. What he feels is not blame and obligation regarding past activities. He truly feels dread, of whatever has made your strain and on the off chance that you chide him, his dread turns into a dread of your activities as well.

So don’t let him around attempting to constrain him to perceive that his activities are the wellspring of your stretch. His mind is probably not going to interface activity with response. Rather, set up conditions where he is probably going to settle on better decisions. Utilize his senses for both of your advantages. Make a situation where house preparing is simple for him to keep up. In the event that you realize that you will gone a more drawn out time than normal, place him in a box permitting him to fall back on his nature to not soil his nook and urge him to hold his gut and bladder. On the off chance that you have been reliable in his preparation, you will be astonished to what extent he can “hold it”. On the off chance that he has been given each chance to settle on the best decisions, then you have set up a “win-win” faultless environment for you both.


Why Does My Dog Bury His Stuff?

Has your canine ever concealed a treat or bone? Have you ever asked why? The answer lies in who your canine is and where he originates from. My staff individuals and I much of the time offer treats to the pets loading up or dropped off for treatment I would appraise that perhaps 1 in 10 will then continue to cover the treats in his or her bedding. It is truly entirely adorable and charming. I can consider one little Dachshund specifically who might push and push with her nose to shroud the treats we had all given her. We didn’t understand until she was gone home that she had a store of treats covered up in her covers in light of the fact that each of us like her and would give her something as we passed, not understanding that she was stashing every one of them! At the point when her bedding was expelled for the clothing, 5 or 6 treats tumbled out. It was the entire day’s plunder. From that day on, we have proposed that she take a “doggie sack” of treats and eat them when she is eager at home.

We can always remember Canis lupus familiaris or Canis familiaris plunged from wild canids. As indicated by a study distributed in Science in November 2013, our canines got from a wolf populace in Europe that has since gotten to be wiped out. Early canines never knew where their next feast would originate from so the stashing conduct developed. Their touchy noses would lead them back to the concealing spots when they needed a nibble. Any sustenance thing that is in overabundance of the craving at the time is a surplus that must be spared and not squandered. There is a piece of your pooch that instinctively recollects this motivation. The dirt goes about as a decent cover to keep perishable things cool and moderate decay. So your puppy can take after her nose back to her “fridge” to recover her scraps. In the event that you have given more than your canine needs at the time, she depends on accumulating the additional items. Numerous pooches will likewise stockpile toys and different assets. At any given time, my pooch has 2-3 most loved stuffed “infants” in her bed. When I evacuate them to clean the bed, my activities are dependably met with a look of despise. We need to recall that the wild is a quite intense place where a wide range of creatures vie for assets. The ones that are canny and keen are the ones who win in the round of survival. Keep in mind in any case, your puppy may feel that the dirt keeps that bone new, yet we know better.

On the off chance that you realize that your canine is a hoarder, it may be best to ensure that perishable things are not conveyed outside where they can be spared to later bring about stomach disturb. Despite the fact that you’re canine might be wired to oppose rivalry, ensure that you are constantly ready to securely take away anything unsafe that he may have in his mouth. At the point when his well being is in peril is not the ideal opportunity for him to conclude that he needs to accumulate an asset far from you! Hone with him, having him sit and discharge the thing to you without snapping or snarling. This is a basic preparing venture for the well being of you both. For a large number of years pooches have been looking to people to accommodate them, yet remnants of their wild roots are still there. The most ideal approach to love them is to comprehend and grasp their identity and be grateful to the point that they have advanced with us.


Which Pets Are Truly Hypo allergenic?

I recognize what it resemble to be adversely affected by the things you cherish the most. On the off chance that you have perused my book, Tennessee Tails: Pets and Their People, you will realize that quite a long while into my profession I was determined to have creature sensitivities. I tried VERY positive for pooch, feline and steed. My most loved creatures and the majority of my patients are among them. My patients, as well as my energy make me wiped out! I can’t live cheerfully without creatures, so the question is: “Would I be able to live solid with them?”

I have never known a period when I didn’t love them and from a money related survival angle, I have to work with them as well.

Dr. Hollie comprehends my creature energy, yet he additionally comprehends my clinical sensitivity, so he has been a spectacular asset for me. When I was prepared to receive my next pooch, I got some information about “hypoallergenic puppies”. I had looked on the web for hypoallergenic breeds and discovered huge amounts of cheerful data thus. I needed him to let me know of a puppy or feline that I could possess securely and refreshingly. I indicated him pictures of felines with no hair and arrangements of pooch breeds that are apparently hypoallergenic. He shook his head tragically and clarified, “Individuals frequently befuddle the expressions “hypoallergenic” and ‘non-allergenic’ when alluding to a pet’s capacity to incite sensitivity indications. Hypoallergenic alludes to low hypersensitivity and non-allergenic alludes to no sensitivity. All things considered, non-allergenic felines and canines don’t exist.” This was not news that I needed to listen.

He went ahead to clarify that the allergens are found in the creature’s dander, spit and pee. So unless we can locate a creature with no skin, spit or pee, we are going to have allergens regardless of what the breed. The length of a feline’s hair, its sex or whether they live inside or outside is not connected with feline allergen levels. Concerning pooches, a few breeds have been indicated to be hypoallergenic, yet ponders don’t bolster these cases. Indeed, even smooth canines still have allergen.

A study distributed in 2011 demonstrated that clean specimens from homes with breeds answered to be hypoallergenic contrasted with those with other non-hypoallergenic breeds demonstrated no distinction in pooch allergen levels.

Contingent upon an individual’s affect ability, certain breeds might be superior to others for that particular individual, yet there is not a genuine “non-allergenic” breed. Everybody that affections pets and has sensitivities needs to trust that there is a silver projectile, however like most things, there is no alternate route.

Try not to misunderstand me. I would LOVE to have the capacity to let you know that you should simply embrace some breed and all eventual well. You have no clue how awesome this news would be to me, yet in actuality, on the off chance that you are unfavorably susceptible your lone trust is to address your hypersensitivity with your insusceptible framework, not with your decision of pet breeds. Studies do demonstrate that continuous washing can decrease the measure of allergen in pets and there are positively different approaches to lessen your introduction.

Just a Board Certified Allergist can give you an exact determination, suggestions in regards to living with a pet, and above all, successful treatment that may incorporate desensitization to your pooch and/or feline.

Try not to offer into the web build up and have unreasonable desires from a specific sort or type of creature. Pick a creature that you adore and afterward pick an allergist that you cherish as well and together you can figure out how to live cheerful and sound.


Why Does My Dog Love To Ride In The Car?

Some dogs truly adore riding in the car, to the point that the excitement associated with opening the doors can make them tremble or jump up and down. On mornings when I can take my dog, Skye, to work, she is overjoyed. She races back and forth to the door out to the garage if I do not come along as quickly as she would like. It makes me smile and I love to take her because she seems so thrilled.
However, as people read this headline on this article, I can envision the comments now…things like “duh, because he knows something good is going to happen” and that is true, on one level, but why are some dogs overjoyed at the prospect and some dogs are not thrilled at all?

I think “good things” for a dog are things that meet her needs, emotional and physical. Her needs include: food, water, shelter, entertainment, security, and social interaction. If your dog knows that he will get dog treats at the bank for example, it might add to his excitement to ride. Anything that may cause your dog’s brain to release “happy hormones” could make the ride seem like a positive experience and one that your dog wants to be repeated. Happy hormones are things like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphin and they help to create a sense of pleasure to help motivate living things to repeat behaviors that are positive for their survival.
But the most important reason that I think that dogs love to ride in the car is that we are always there too. Studies show that dogs’ brains release happy hormones associated with family bonds whenever we interact with them. Our dogs love us and look to us for security too. They want to be with us when we go and they need to be a part of everything that the family group participates in. So the next time your dog seems excited to get in the car, take it as a compliment that she wants to go with you!
If your dog does not like the car, don’t despair. He can be taught that the car is a good place over time. Try opening the doors and letting him look in. Offer his regular meals inside the car. Gradually work up to being able to close the doors and move without him acting afraid. Ask your veterinarian to help you decide if car sickness is a factor as well. There are medications that can help, both with car sickness and anxiety.
Being able to go where you go is a great thing for you both.